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Go beyond the standard policies and protect everything in other areas for more protection.

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We're not your typical "one-size-fits-all" broker. We help provide the coverage you need, with no wasted spend.

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Our modern solutions are easy to read, understandable and help you manage your programs.

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Year end audits can be a pain. We work with you to get everything in order to make audits easy.

Hi, I'm Sean Mulhern.

If You're A Construction Professional...

And you want to stop overpaying for insurance coverage that you don't need...

... then I want to introduce you to the Business Protection Method.

The method words specifically for Construction Professionals and allows you get the right coverage on the jobs you're working on, simplify your year-end audit process, and easily manage and understand your coverage.

Continue reading to discover how the method helps you limit your liability AND your overhead inside of your business…

How to Protect your construction business

Without overpaying for coverage you don't need

your current policy could be costing you

Oversized established commercial insurance companies still using antiquated (and very confusing) programs. They rarely have the best access or understanding of new programs and technology that can better shape your business offering.

We're not your typical boring insurance broker.

Insurance doesn't need to be one-size-fits all. We offer tailored programs that are built with your exact situation in mind. Work with us to get an insurance package for your exact situation.

"Sean Mulhern with The Business Protection Team approached me out of the blue with ideas of helping to audit and customize my current insurance program. Well he delivered on what he promised, by finding holes and mis-ratings with my current policies while also recommending different carrier options that ended up saving me money. We don’t like to switch insurance agents often, but Sean Mulhern brought fresh ideas to the table that was quite a difference from the traditional commercial agent. I would absolutely recommend Sean Mulhern to any business owner with confidence.

Josh m.

[Policy Review]

the danger of using outdated programs

and how you can protect your business

With claims and construction defect laws becoming more and more stringent, carriers are increasingly removing pieces of policies that leave companies exposed.
All it can take is one unforseen lawsuit to make or break a business.

If your business is not adequately covered, this means that everything you have worked for is vulnerable, and this is probably not a pretty picture to imagine.

One thing that all successful entrepreneurs know is how valuable it is to protect everything that they have worked so hard to build.

Skimping on commercial insurance policy means that you could risk losing it all, and this is a gamble that is simply not worth taking.

By contrast, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a strong insurance policy working for you will propel you and your business forward with confidence. This is why having a good insurance policy in place will always help your bottom line.

"Professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. Sean Mulhern has been the best referral I’ve ever been given. I own a roofing company and it’s always been a challenge to get our certificates in a timely manner. His protection dash alone is worth its weight in gold for us. We now have access to all our policies, certificates and documents at the push of a button and don’t need to wait on anyone else to get them for us. Thank you Sean for everything you’ve done for us!

Sarah K.

[Get A Tailored Plan]

How To Get the Perfect Coverage

by shopping the various carriers

3 out of 10 certs are inaccurate, meaning, coverage you think is there is in fact missing...leaving you exposed.

With hundreds of carriers out there, we know where to go to get the best coverage and rate. Most agencies keep it simple and send the entire package to one spot, we market every individual piece through all the options out there.

Your typical broker just finds you a policy. We find the right policy, help to have it rated in the most favorable way to your scope of work. We review consistently the endorsements, exclusions, and forms added and removed from policies so that you don’t have a minor hole that ends up costing thousands.

We'll review your current policies in place and scope of work, identify the areas of concern, and create a plan based on all the information.

"My company had been with our previous insurance agent for over 15 years before finally giving Sean Mulhern a chance to quote our policies. I was impressed with his ability to identify aspects of our policy we were overlooking and offer cost effective solutions.  His knowledge of the insurance space is impressive, I wish we would have found him 15 years ago. Hands down, I recommend Sean to anyone looking for insurance.  In addition to the great service he provides, we are also VERY pleased with their protection dash.  I can now easily locate all my policies, ID cards, and certificates in one place.

Daniel j.

[Online Policy Management]

How To Throw Away The Policy Binder

and easily track your certs online

Ditch the binders and manage your policies, certs, and check the validity of your subs certs online.

Our cutting-edge "protection dash" is an online portal for all your insurance documents that makes tracking your certs a breeze.

Need a new cert? Request one with a click of a button...

Have us check the accuracy/authenticity of your subcontractor certs.

Need a copy of your Auto ID cards, easy, pull it up right from your mobile device!

Need copies of your Work Comp, General Liability, or any policy, click and there it is!

There are 2 types of construction
professionals i work with


Construction Professionals that want to move beyond confusing policy language, that want to gain clarity on their situation, and stop overpaying for policies they don't use.


Those who want to implement the Business Protection Method into their business, and know that they're working with the best in the industry.


So if you want to explore
implementing the business protection method
into your business with the help of my team and I...

...then apply here for a short 15-minute phone call, and we'll create a tailored plan that's guaranteed to beat the competition.

Apply For
Strategy Call

[about sean]

I put together customized liability programs for businesses using strategic partnerships and limited access carriers.

These programs allow for tailored coverage at a much better cost than the "one sized fits all" programs the industry utilizes. If you are looking to have new ideas brought to the table and stop overpaying, then I would love to connect and see where I can help.

Consistently in the top 1% of agents in in the country in production due to a creative approach and cutting edge client servicing options.

Programs Include:
- General Liability
- Work Comp
- Commercial Auto Fleet
- Property
- Professional Liability

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