December 13, 2018
Sean Mulhern

What to Look for in a Commercial Insurance Broker

How exactly do you choose a professional to help you manage your liability?

Is it strange for a Commercial Insurance Broker to tell you what to look for in a Commercial Insurance Broker?

Maybe. But as boring as insurance might be, it doesn’t hurt to get some facts from an expert.

So how exactly do you choose a professional to help you manage your liability?

The internet has Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Zomato for food, among others, but where can you turn to help you choose your Insurance Broker?

An Insurance Broker is someone who serves as a trusted middleman between your company and various agencies that supply the insurance.

Instead of having to compare all the different insurance needs yourself, you can snag yourself a one-stop shop to save time and money (me).

Brokers at The Business Protection Team are trained to put the best programs in place for your company on an individual level, and can tailor products to your exact situation.

So here are a few simple things you should look for:


You need to find someone who is available to take you on as a client ideally 60-120 days ahead of your renewal period.

This isn’t hard, but you’ll want to find someone who is available on your schedule. This means being proactive in your search.


There are a lot of old-school agencies out there (in fact this encompases about 90% of the industry).

But when it comes to presenting you with all of the information they’ve collected, it’s delivered on your doorstep in a heavy binder full of loose papers.

It doesn’t need to be this way…

These days you can actually manage documents online, and you’ll likely want to pick out an agency that can deliver your documents when you need them (at a click of a button).


If you go with a old-school established company, you run the risk of running into antiquated ways of doing things.

They don’t know new programs.

They don’t utilize cutting-edge technology to help.

You want an Insurance Broker that can package your programs in a unique and creative way -- someone who can pick and choose how and where to find coverage for your specific profile.

Beyond Policies

Fact is, it’s not just about the policies.

As a business owner, you need help beyond just the policies to help protect your business in other areas like confirming subcontractor certs.

Construction is another example. You’ll want partners that can help you get the coverage for the jobs they are working (with all the strict requirements involved).


You don’t have to do year end audits alone.

If you find the right Insurance Broker, they’ll actually help you simplify your year end audit process.

This can be absolutely invaluable (especially when combined with Protection Dash, our digital document dashboard).

So what should you look for?

Look for and utilize an insurance broker that’s modern, agile, available, that helps you with more than just policies, and can help you sort through those pesky year end audits.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Want the truth? My team and I do commercial insurance extremely well, and it may be worthwhile to have us take a look at your policies and see discover what’s possible.

If that’s something you’re interested in, let’s connect!

- Sean

Sean Mulhern
Commercial Insurance Broker